Providers with geriatric expertise

Making a difference for older adults

Geriatric specialists, who provide health care for older adults, know that the risks and benefits of prescription drugs, testing and procedures can change with age. 

Summit ElderCare’s primary care doctors and nurse practitioners all have expertise in geriatrics and most are board certified in geriatric medicine.

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Comprehensive geriatric assessments at Summit ElderCare

To identify participants' complete health needs, a Summit ElderCare geriatric specialist goes beyond the traditional physical exam and does a comprehensive geriatric assessment.

A geriatric specialist: 

  • Takes a complete history
  • Assesses physical condition and cognitive abilities (reasoning, memory, language)
  • Identifies issues that could limit patients’ ability to care for themselves
  • Looks for underlying problems
  • Reviews medications for necessity and side effects
  • Helps patients clarify goals for health and independence
  • Develops a care plan to maintain or improve medical, cognitive and functional conditions

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