What is Summit ElderCare?

Fallon Health’s Program of All-Inclusive Care for the Elderly (PACE), Summit ElderCare, offers complete, coordinated, individualized care for older adults who want to live at home instead of a nursing home.

The program’s team of geriatric care professionals works with participants and caregivers to address each individual's specific needs. This team is an essential component of the Summit ElderCare PACE program.

Our program is available to residents of our service area.

Our program

Fallon Health’s Summit ElderCare program participants have access to:

  • Health insurance that includes comprehensive medical and Medicare Part D prescription drug coverage, with no copayments, deductibles or coinsurance
  • In-home services such as medication management, personal care, nursing visits and light housekeeping services
  • Medical care that includes exams with the participant’s doctor or nurse practitioner, rehabilitation and behavioral health services, dental care, hearing services, eye care and much more
  • Social support from social workers and activities staff that provides recreational, educational, and therapeutic activities, as well as support for caregivers
  • Adult day health services at the PACE Centers that include medical services and supervision of all participants. Specialized care and dedicated activity areas for participants with Alzheimer’s disease or dementia are also available.

We guarantee you will have access to the services you need through a provider contracted with the program. While you can request to see a specific provider, we cannot guarantee that provider will be available or approved for services.

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Our mission

Fallon Health’s mission is improving health and inspiring hope.

In support of that mission, Fallon Health’s Summit ElderCare PACE program pursues excellence in every aspect of providing health care services to older adults in its service area. Summit ElderCare:

  • Maximizes the dignity and respect of older adults
  • Enhances their quality of life and autonomy
  • Preserves and supports older adults’ families
  • Enables frail older adults to remain safely in their homes and communities as long as medically and socially feasible

Our experience

Fallon Health has long recognized the need for more community-based comprehensive services, care and support for people with multiple health needs.

Today, Summit ElderCare has 27 years of experience and is the largest program of its kind in New England. With PACE Centers located in Leominster, Lowell, Springfield, Webster and Worcester, Summit ElderCare provides centralized locations for medical care and social support for all participants.

This page was last updated on April 28, 2022.

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About PACE

PACE, a national model of care, began in the 1970s in San Francisco. It is both supported and regulated by the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services and State Administering Agencies (SAA). The SAA in Massachusetts is the Executive Office of Elder Affairs.